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We provide OC Engagement photography at various select locations in South Orange County. We love connecting with our couples in a meaningful way before their wedding day. We find that meeting at one of our favorite locations gives us a chance to really talk, get to know one another and break the ice before the wedding day.

OC Engagement Photography

When we shoot an OC Engagement photography session it is stress free. The couple gets to really loosen up and get used to the camera. Some of the best photos are toward the end of the session where the sun is usually lower and softer, but also, the couples are also looser and more connected. They are more comfortable with the photographer at that point and the photos usually reflect that. We try to shoot these sessions on weekdays before sunset. Often times at OC Parks. These are some of my favorite moments. It is also a great way to carryover that energy into the wedding day.

By the time the wedding rolls around it is always great to reconnect with the bride and groom. There is an existing connection and history between the photographer and the bride and groom. Our Orange County engagement photography sessions are included in most of our packages so be sure to book one! Let’s Connect!