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Orange County Pithi Ceremony Videographer

As an Orange County Pithi Ceremony videographer I have seen how this is a truly unique event. I have had the priviledge of filming this special occasion in Orange County, CA. It comes once in a lifetime for the bride and groom. Family and friends gather to celebrate with the bride or the groom a few days before the wedding. As part of the Orange County Pithi Ceremony they rub a paste composed of chickpea flour, turmeric, and rose water on the forehead and arms of the bride or groom. It is a common tradition in Hindu weddings and throughout Southeast Asia Weddings as well.  In the Pithi ceremony video above you can see the paste is rubbed on the groom and flower petals and rice are thrown onto the groom to celebrate his maturity and preparedness for marriage. .It is a celebration of love and happiness for both the bride and groom. These ceremonies are carried out on separate occasions for both the bride and the groom. 

South Asian weddings, Indian weddings or Hindu weddings put an importance on the Pithi Ceremony and it is evident how much joy and love is expressed by those close to them while applying the paste to the bride and groom. It is truly a significant ceremony in this culture and this Orange County Pithi Ceremony  videographer footage captures the essence of the ceremony in its own special way.

This video follows Daanish as he celebrates with friends and very close family. He enters the ceremony accompanied by his brother and sister in law. They accompany him to be seated in front of his guests. Once seated they commence the ceremony. Family and friends begin to approach him to apply the paste and give their best wishes to him as he becomes a mature man ready to wed.

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Pithi Ceremony Video