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Mariko P.
Wedding photographer reviews:
BrideWedding: 08/24/2018
five stars photographer





posted 12/30/2018 by Mariko P(updated 01/02/2019)

I’m so happy that we chose Jesse Madison Photography and sincerely appreciate the effort he and his wife went through to make our day as extraordinary as it turned out to be. Jesse did our engagement photos and our reception. He was excellent with our dogs and captured pictures that are the closest to my heart. Our reception was kind of wild and he and his wife rolled with us the entire way with positive attitudes and hyped our entire wedding party up! He has fantastic ideas on lighting, backgrounds and poses to make you look like a celebrity! He thought of everything that I wanted to remember and captured it all! He truly memorialized the love and excitement we felt during our wedding reception! I am forever grateful for the pictures that he took and will cherish them for a lifetime. He is such a patient and caring person as well as an extraordinary photographer! I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and would not hesitate to do so again! I am so fortunate to have had him as a photographer!



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Lisa C.
Wedding Photographer reviews
BrideWedding: 04/23/2018
five stars photographer





posted 05/15/2018 by Lisa C(updated 05/15/2018)

Jesse was very professional and talented. He photographed my wedding on Cinco de Mayo 2018. He captured all of our family & friends having an amazing time. The photos I thought I did not want of my dress are one of my favorites. I am happy he was a little persistent! The photos with my mom captured a special moment as well with my Maid of honor and bridesmaid. Jesse, went above and beyond to fix a photo, that I thought my husband looked amazing and I on the other hand had a chunk of hair in my face. This photo will definitely be hanging on our wall; he did a fabulous job by photo-shopping, on how I wanted the photo to look. He is very accommodating and is interested in what you forsee for the day of your special occasion. He took the time, to come check out the property, considering it was in our backyard of our duplex. (We have an amazing backyard) Jesse also took the time to check a park that was nearby, for photo ops after the wedding. To me being the bride that was a bit of a relief, that he had direction. I would recommend Jesse for your special occasion.


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Raquel K.
Wedding photographer reviews
BrideWedding: 11/12/2016
five stars photographer
posted 01/31/2018 by Rocky K (updated 05/15/2018)

Jesse took the most amazing wedding pictures. Not only he captured special moments but he took the most beautiful candid photos. Jesse is very professional and has a wonderful eye to capture the best poses and locations. We have received so many compliments from family and friends about our wedding pictures. Jesse is now our family photographer we absolutely love his work. Not only He is an excellent photographer, but he’s also a great guy! he listened to my ideas and executed them to the tee exceeding all my expectations.

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