Disney Wedding at Disneyland Hotel

Katryna and Truett’s Disney Wedding

Katryna had dreamt of a Fairytale Disney wedding since she was a little girl and last weekend she fulfilled her childhood dream of riding in the Cinderella Carriage on her wedding day at the Disneyland Hotel.

The Bride riding in the Cinderella Carriage at the Disneyland Hotel


Watch Video of the Disney Wedding Cinderella Carriage Experience

This was truly a magical day at Disney for this young bride and her groom from New Mexico. She spent some very special moments leading up to the wedding shooting photos with her bridal party and family members with the Cinderella carriage. She was approached by the footman who held a beautiful celeste pillow with a delicate glass slipper. Inside the slipper were the wedding rings that she would soon exchange with her groom at the altar.

The Cinderella Carriage Ride

Her father accompanied her on the Cinderella Carriage. He was to ride with her and walk her down the aisle at the Rose Court Garden. Then, as they both stepped into the Cinderella carriage it really hit them. They took a silent moment to pray together. It was a truly special touching moment between them that they will remember forever. They then began reminiscing about the day that they first saw a couple getting married years ago and riding in the carriage when Katryna was just a little girl. Little did they know then that they would come full circle and be sitting in one together on this day.

The ceremony was beautiful and after the ceremony at this Disney Wedding the bride and groom rode off in the carriage for a pleasant private ride around the Disneyland Hotel. Many onlookers cheered them on as they rode away. They finally returned to take more photos at the Rose Garden Court with family and friends who attended the Disney Wedding. We shot some amazing images and video and wanted to share some of these Disney Wedding highlights with you. Thinking of getting married at Disneyland? Call us. We would love to document your magical Disney Wedding too!

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